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About Us

Why is it so HARD to build a drone program and get my Part 107 License?

Drone Management Group (DMG) got to thinking about this question because it was hard for our aviators to achieve their potential as well.  UAS is an emerging industry, slated to grow by billions and billions of dollars over the course of 10 years.  We, as individuals, wanted to be a part of that, and as our values reflect, (more on the DMG Mission and Values later down the page) we wanted to share these ambitions with others.  

In 2014 when we began our journey to become the greatest drone company in the country, we were bombarded with regulation after regulation after regulation.  Law after new law, crash after noncompliance.  With so much information scattered all over the Internet, in books, and in different FAA manuals, our team of talented pilots and former public safety and FAA officials decided enough was enough.  We created Drone Management Group to be 'Your Streamlined Solution to Complex FAA Regulations.'  We wanted to save people time and money, knowing this would bring about a safer, more robust, respected, and dedicated new generation of drone aviators to come.  

With over 70 years combined UAS, manned aviation, federal air traffic control, entertainment, marketing, and business experience, Drone Management Group is proud to help aviators, like you, at any experience level, develop an FAA recognized and required drone Operations Manual, management system, and drone program, or improve an already existing drone program from start to finish.


Learn from aviators active in public safety with knowledge across multiple verticals, or industries, who have flown over watch for the President of the United States, provided public relations and marketing content for NFL teams, filmed silver screen flicks, landed aircraft in high stakes environments, and completed numerous high value calls for service on the local and federal public safety stage. 


We are Drone Management Group, and our unrivaled, automated, drone management program and education system, as well as our courses and other services, will help you build or boost your drone program to new ambitions at a fraction of the time and price tag it would take to accomplish this on your own.  Trust us, we know from experience how hard this industry is.  


We welcome you to look through our site to experience all we have to offer.  Drone Management Group operates under a strict moral code, reflected by our values. We were founded as a family owned and operated business, now with friends from all over the globe.  


We hope you'll take the time to read about our values and learn about our mission to continue to be a contribution to the safety and beauty of the United States National Air Space System (NAS).  


Click the buttons below to be directed to our values and our mission, to meet our leadership, or to our fully automated drone program, operations, and SOP builder.   

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