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The DMG Mission

To further advance the state of unmanned aviation by utilizing the power of drone programs, coupled with streamlining complex FAA regulations.  


Lead - DMG is the leading drone education and media company in the United States.  Our main goal is to help guide aviators like you to a drone program that you can take pride in, and one that you can rest assured is created by leaders in the industry.  We give you exactly what we utilize each and everyday in our own drone program.

Value - DMG is devoted to delivering the highest quality of product to aviators.  The National Air Space (NAS) is like a sacred treasure, giving us the gift of flight!  We want the skies to be operated by professional aviators.  DMG is constantly updating and adapting to the ever evolving FAA Regulations and NAS and we promise to keep up with the times so that you can focus more on developing your program and implementing everything we have taught you.  There are no shortcut lessons or products with DMG. Rather, we give you our 100% in everything we have to offer!  

Human - DMG is a company of humans.  As such, in every success, we never forget where we come from and our public SERVICE background, and that we too are humans.  We operate with a high regard to what is morally sound, and ethically right.  We care for those less fortunate than ourselves, and we endeavor to serve everyone who wishes to learn about UAS!  

Truth - There is no honor in lying your way to the top or taking advantage of another.  

Exploration - There is no limit to what we, together, can achieve!  

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