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Drone Ambition

Drone Ambition is a completely automated and interactive Operations Manual and Management System, the first of it's kind. Answer simple questions and checkmark boxes that best describe how your drone team operates and that satisfy your agency policies and procedures, drone information, etc.  

Drone Ambition will take it from there.


The automation and conditional logic of Drone Ambition will build your agency-specific FAA-compliant Drone Operations Manual and Drone Management System required by Part 107 to operate in National Airspace System.

Build your complete drone program now with Drone Ambition and develop:

  1. Automated Drone Operations and Program Builder

  2. Drone SOP’s Builder

    • 12 Automated Checklists

    • FAA Part 107 Training Program prepares you to pass your Part 107 test or to self-certify your agency

    • Automated Drone Safety Management System (SMS)

    • Automated Drone Hazards and Risk Program

    • Automated Drone Maintenance Program and Schedule

    • Automated Drone Communication Program

  3. And so much more with Drone Ambition

Drone Ambition

  • Lifetime Updates

    Automated SOP/Manual

    Your complete drone program for any Industry-Drone Ambition
    • Ask about Agency Pricing
    • Drone Ambition Suite Modules 1-7
    • Module 1 - Setting up your Agency Ambition - Free
    • Module 2 - Risk and Safety Ambition
    • Module 3 - Maintenance Ambition
    • Module 4 - Communications Ambition
    • Module 5 - Administrative Documents Ambition
    • Module 6 - Part 107 Training Ambition (Lessons 1-8)
    • Module 7 - Mission planning Ambition (Coming Soon)
    • Checklist Vault Ambition
    • Corresponding Videos (Coming Soon)
    • Free Documents and Trainings
    • DMG UAS Ground School Lesson 1 - Free
    • DMG PreFlight - Free
    • DMG Airport Information (updated each year) - Free
    • Goals and Objectives Ambition - Free
    • 360° Interactive Training (Take off and Landing Zone)
    • Lifetime Updates
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