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DMG Services

In addition to our courses, DMG offers a wide range of services to ensure you have a streamlined solution to Complex FAA regulations.  Any and all drone needs can be completed with Drone Management Group.  Contact us with any questions you may have or to set up a date to work with you!

Image by Josh Sorenson

Training and Flight Lessons

DMG operates a 100+ acre training center in central Indiana.  The training center provides indoor class rooms, indoor flight area, as well as 100+ acres exterior training over different terrains, to include grassland, water, island, and forrest.  Used by public safety for controlled burns, SWAT operations, and local EMS missions, DMG is proud to share this space with our heroes.  Click the button to be directed to our training page to learn more.  DMG is an Indiana Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA) certified instructor.    

Video and Photography (UAS and Ground)

Cinematic and photographic expertise unrivaled by our competitors.  We've flown for churches, movie companies, weddings, public safety, federal law enforcement, and numerous other verticals.  Not only do we utilize drones for video and photography, we also do photoshoots and video projects with handheld cameras, just like the picture on this page.  Click the button to be directed to our Video and Photography page to learn about UAS and Freelance services DMG provides.

Image by Alexander Dummer
Image by Element5 Digital

Courses and Software, Education, and STEM

DMG prides itself on being 'Your Streamlined Solution to Complex FAA Regulations.'  We make attaining your Part 107 License and building your drone program, operations manual, and SOPs easy and rapidly accessible anywhere.  By answering simple questions, our automated software compiles all your data and creates your program seamlessly, and with little effort on your part.  Click the button below to be directed to Drone Management Group's drone program builder, Drone Ambition.

Real Estate 

Image by Tierra Mallorca

Download our 2022 DMG Real Estate Pamphlet. Contact us for more information or classes!  


Real Estate and Other Verticles - DMG is everything UAS.  Whether you need piping, buildings, towers, power lines, agriculture, or other inspections, or aerial photography of that house you just can't happen to sell, DMG will deliver stunning aerial imagery, normal or 360 degree to bring your business to the next level.  Click below to learn more.

Image by Shapelined

360 Degree Video, Photo and Training

360 Tours - DMG offers 360 walkthroughs of sports arenas and fields like Golf Courses, 360 training courses, 360 housing and business models, and more.  Outsine your competition with DMG's ground breaking 360 artistry.  Learn more by clicking the 360 button below.  Contact us for more details.

COA Consultation

Web Consultation

DMG staff will walk you through the COA process from start to finish.  Disclaimer: DMG is not a legal council.  We will offer you knowledge that worked for us.  Contact us for more details or to schedule a consultation.

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