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Video and Photography

DMG has the means to provide both in the air and on the ground video and photography.  Tailor DMG's talent to meet your distinct needs by mixing the type of video and photography you need.

DMG Individual Services:

Drone Exterior Videography - $45/hr
Drone Interior Videography - $50/hr
Drone Exterior Photography - $45/hr
Drone Interior Photography - $50/hr
Ground Exterior Videography - $40/hr
Ground Interior Videography - $45/hr
Ground Exterior Photography - $40/hr
Ground Interior Photography - $45/hr

DMG Package Deals:

Interior and Exterior Drone Video and/or Photo - $89/hr
Interior and Exterior Ground Video and/or Photo - $69/hr
Both Interior and Exterior Drone and Ground Video and Photo - $129/hr

Travel and Housing:

By ground - Price TBD
By air - Price TBD
Housing - Price TBD

Service Rate (not charged on Post Production) - $10/day

Post Production:

Photo Editing and Touch Up - $40/hr
Photo Special Effects (added to Photo Editing and Touch Up) - $15/one time charge/project
Video Editing and Touch Up - $40/hr
Video Special Effects (added too Video Editing and Touch Up) - $15/one time charge/project

DMG Discount 15%

Friends and Family, Public Safety, Military

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