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Drone Management Group Emergency Response Unit

Drone Management Group's dedication to people and planet includes the creation of the Drone Management Group (DMG) Emergency Response Unit (ERU). DMG's ERU currently serves the entire state of Indiana. DMG ERU is available for the entire United States upon request and approval by DMG leadership. DMG ERU will expand as the company grows.  As of 2020, DMG ERU cannot respond lights and sirens.  

DMG ERU Services:

  1. Overhead surveillance of emergency scene or area 

  2. FLIR for location of subjects fleeing justice (night air search and detain), or lost in the night (night air search and rescue)

  3. Air search and Rescue

  4. Air Search and Detain

  5. Aerial Scene Lighting

  6. Aerial Speaker System

What would mobilize the DMG ERU (including but not limited to)?

  1. Disaster response

    • Weather​
    • Fire

    • Natural Disaster

    • Man-made disaster

    • Acts of terroism

    • Earthquake

    • Tsunami/Hurricane

  2. Criminal Element

    • Fleeing subject​

    • Pursuits

    • Acts of Terrorism

    • Barricaded Subject

  3. Search and Rescue​

    • Alzeimers Patients​

    • Suicidal Subjects

    • Lost people​

    • injured people

  4. Animal Conservation​

    • Hunter/Poacher Search and Detain​

    • Animal displacement

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